Grading 2017

Dear Parent/Student/Guardian/Carer

Event Date Time Venue
Grading part 1 Sun 26th November Time TBC beginners

Time TBC Orange/White and above

St Hildas  Church, Birchington Avenue, TS6 7LY
Grading  part 2 Sun 3rd December  Time TBC beginners

Time TBC Orange/White

A grading application must be completed and fees paid one week before grading part 1. The cost of grading includes the cost of a new belt if successful in the examination.

Application forms are available now from sensei. Please go through the grading checklist and also ensure that you have had the required number of lessons to be able to grade (see your attendance card) (some people keep forgetting their attendance card and it hasn’t been signed retrospectively as per rules. If the student then doesn’t have enough attendance.  That is unfortunate… everyone knows the rules).

Applications for black belt examinations are separate and these must be made 6 months ahead of the examination in December.

Belts and certificates will be awarded the week after grading part 2 for all students as there are a lot of results to collate

Red belt with white stripe 9th Kyu Ho Blue belt 5th Kyu
Red belt 9th Kyu Purple belt with white stripe 4th Kyu Ho
Yellow belt with white stripe 8th Kyu Ho Purple belt 4th Kyu
Yellow belt 8th Kyu Brown belt with white stripe 3th Kyu Ho
Orange with white stripe 7th Kyu Ho Brown belt 3rd Kyu
Orange belt 7th Kyu Brown with red stripe 9th Kyu Ho
Green belt with white stripe 6th Kyu Ho Brown with a black stripe 2nd Kyu
Green belt 6th Kyu Half brown half black 1st Kyu Ho
Blue belt with white stripe 5th Kyu Ho Black belt with white stripe 1st Kyu

Where children excel and achieve double grades e.g. beginner to red belt (hopefully even a triple grade) there is no additional  charge for the grade. This is a bonus from the club in recognition of the commitment and hard work from both the student and parents.

I wish all our wonderful students great success