Club Rules

club rules 

  1. Unless you have just joined you must wear club uniform with logo or club T-shirt and uniform bottoms + belt (Gradings and competitions uniform only)
  2. Be on time for class (allow enough time to get changed and pay fees) late = push ups
  3. Black belt instructors must be addressed as Sensei and master instructor as Shihan
  4. Always bow respectfully every time you enter or leave the dojo. (this includes parents and spectators
  5. Do not leave your line or the Dojo without permission
  6. On re-entering the dojo or to re-join the class, wait at the side where you are visible to the instructor and wait to be invited back into training. Bow before re-joining.
  7. Suits should always be clean and of the correct size (trousers to the top of ankle joint and arms to the top of wrist joint).
  8. Finger and toe nails must be clean and short
  9. Hair must be tied back without metal fastening.
  10. Absolutely no jewellery to be worn during training
  11. Personal hygiene must be observed, repeat offenders will be strongly encouraged to mend their ways
  12. All weapons must be carried to and from training in your bag or appropriate weapon cases
  13. Bullying of any sort will not be tolerated
  14. Treat everyone in dojo including spectators with the upmost respect and courtesy
  15. Karate is for defence only, this does not mean don’t fight back
  16. Spectators must observe quietly and not disrupt the class
  17. Use of bad language will not be tolerated
  18. Do not engage in any activity that give yourself or the club a bad name or reputation
  19. Try and bring honour to yourself, your parents, your Sensei and friends
  20. Licences and grading fees must be handed in at least 1 week before grading
  21. Licenses should be renewed 2 weeks before the expiry date
  22. If there is a problem. Let Sensei know immediately so it can be dealt with right away
  23. Clean up any rubbish you bring in the Dojo and leave it as clean as when you came in.